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Initially I wasn’t going to have a videographer at our wedding….I thought we could do without and I am genuinely so grateful that I changed my mind as I was completely wrong!! I was concerned that a camera poking at my face all day would stress me (I am not great at getting my photo taken and being on camera). However, Rob at Curious Robin films made the experience so calm and unobtrusive, I hardly realised I was being filmed which made the experience all so easy and comfortable.

Our wedding video still has me in tears almost 4 years later, every single time I watch it. After all the planning and organising we went through to get it right, Rob really captured the essence of our day in a way that no photograph could. With the perfect choice of music and even the details like using the old vintage camera. Every time I watch it I feel like I’m transported back to that day and experiencing it all over again and for that exact reason, I just can’t recommend Curious Robin Films highly enough.

- Lisa & Ally

Scottish Wedding Videography – the new kid on the block

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Some three years ago, when we were looking for a videographer for our own wedding, there were so few options for high quality, cinematic, emotive and contemporary examples of Scottish wedding videography. We were fortunate that one of the small handful of really good suppliers was available on our date. They have since ceased filming weddings in order to concentrate on other work, but in the last few years the number of suppliers has increased dramatically.

Competition is fierce too, but actually, we are a community and a mutually supportive one at that. But it is heartening to see suppliers all striving to improve their skills and service, whether via technology, editing techniques or more. This means that the standard of Scottish wedding videography will improve as a whole, and couples can be reassured of the quality which suppliers will aim to provide in order to secure their business.


So where do we fit in? Well we still feel that there is room in the Scottish wedding videography market for another company with something special to offer. If you look around, many of the best companies in Scotland have found their style and deliver it faithfully. If you want swooping aerials, soft image profiles & contemporary speed ramping then the superb White Balloon Films are your guys. If you want a quirky, intimate handheld film then the equally brilliant Walnut Wasp deliver here. If you want ghastly checkerboard transitions, intense soft focus vignettes and Christian Rock soundtracks there is probably someone who still does that too.

Lucy & Johnny Solsgirth House Wedding

So what do Curious Robin Films bring to the Scottish wedding videography market? Well, above all, we are storytellers. In a highlight film we want to convey exactly the mood of the day and a sense of the relationship between the bride and groom. A highlight film from us will subtly immerse you in the wedding day, building the excitement and emotion ¬†to a point where you feel swept up in the sense of joy. In short, we are all about “the feels”. At least that is our aim. You can see if we achieve that through the following examples below;

If you feel that our style suits you and you would like us to tell your story, do get in touch today to discuss your wedding. While we are based in Scotland, we will travel anywhere to tell a great story.

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