Lisa & Ally

Initially I wasn’t going to have a videographer at our wedding….I thought we could do without and I am genuinely so grateful that I changed my mind as I was completely wrong!! I was concerned that a camera poking at my face all day would stress me (I am not great at getting my photo taken and being on camera). However, Rob at Curious Robin films made the experience so calm and unobtrusive, I hardly realised I was being filmed which made the experience all so easy and comfortable.

Our wedding video still has me in tears almost 4 years later, every single time I watch it. After all the planning and organising we went through to get it right, Rob really captured the essence of our day in a way that no photograph could. With the perfect choice of music and even the details like using the old vintage camera. Every time I watch it I feel like I’m transported back to that day and experiencing it all over again and for that exact reason, I just can’t recommend Curious Robin Films highly enough.

- Lisa & Ally

Curious Robin Films is a company which delights in creating timeless, cinematic wedding films.

Our style of filming is documentary, preferring to slip away into the background and generally avoid any staged or directed content.

Our style of editing is classical, timeless but with the odd contemporary twist. We focus relentlessly on trying to capture the essence of your day, your specific wedding. As such, no two of our films are the same.

Together these combine to create magical, distilled mementos of your day to step back into whenever you wish.


Behind the Lens

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Hi, I’m Rob.

I run Curious Robin Films and creativity is most certainly my addiction. After more than a decade working in the third sector (social enterprise, charities and academia) I decided to turn my professional focus towards storytelling. My time working in developing countries also taught me that Maslow’s Pyramid isn’t quite correct and that people will find love even when they lack safe water, food and security. Being able to capture that most precious element of what makes us human, at the very moment of its greatest expression, is a true privilege and led me to offer wedding film services too.

I am a simple soul who loves the outdoors, land rovers, dogs, my wife and my descendents